LEAF - Friday Oct 16th with Buddy System
LEAF -Saturday Oct 17th with DJ Jor-D

More shows will be added as they are planned.

Past shows
LEAF - May & Oct 2012
Techno White Out - January 2013
LEAF - May 2013
Soirée June 2013
LEAF - Oct 2013
Techno White Out - Jan 4th 2014
LEAF - May 10th 2014
Summer Soirée - June 14th 2014
Rushfest in Charlotte! - July 12th 2014
Pre-Contrathon Rushfest at Serenity Knoll - Aug 30th 2014
Rushfest in Charlotte! - Sept 13th 2014
Mountain Madness Late Night with Buddy System Oct 11th 2014
LEAF - Friday Oct 17th with Buddy System
LEAF -Saturday Oct 18th with DJ Jor-D
Techno White Out 6! Dec 27th 2014, Asheville
Buddy System! January 3rd 2015, Jonesborough TN
Buddy System! January 5th, Grey Eagle, Asheville
Rushfest in Charlotte! January 10th 2015

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